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Michèle Lafontaine

Corporate Law
Intellectual Property

Mtre Michèle Lafontaine, LL.L, D.D.N., LL.M., graduated in notarial law from the University of Ottawa in 1994. She then earned a master’s degree in civil law in 1998, with a specialization in the area of sales under judicial order. She joined our firm in 1994 to be in charge of the corporate law department. In this position, her tasks have included following up on legal issues with more than one hundred Outaouais-based companies. She also acts as a legal adviser during commercial financing and transactions with tax implications, such as estate freezing, cristallisation or transfer of family businesses. A former professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Ottawa in business and cyberspace law, Mtre Lafontaine seeks to better understand the realities and problems faced by her entrepreneurial clients.

The quality of our legal services is the most significant proof of respect we can offer to our clients. Our high standards drive our legal practice.

Member of La Chambre des notaires du Québec since 1994