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Agricultural Law

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Our team of agricultural law experts, located primarily at our Shawville office, will provide you with adequate information for any land transaction and will be able to determine with you the best holding method for your property located in an agricultural zone.

An Act Respecting the Preservation of Agricultural Land and Agricultural Activities

Our experts will be able to make representations to the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec to obtain the authorizations required by law for the subdivision, use, alienation, inclusion or exclusion of a lot situated in an agricultural zone. Their knowledge of the particularities of the Act allows them to build a line of argument that takes into account the specifics of your case.

Purchasing a Farm

Because many laws govern agricultural real estate, farm owners often have difficulty understanding the way in which these laws affect them. On one hand, this could lead you to overlook certain mandatory requirements of the Act. On the other hand, you could be depriving yourself of programs, credits or subsidies that would improve your business. Consult our agricultural law notaries to ensure your peace of mind throughout this important transaction.

Financing a Farm

Your farming business needs sound financial footing to reach its full potential. Thanks to their legal training and high involvement in the business world, our experts can develop financing projects that are realistic and perfectly adapted  to your business, while considering :

the sources of available funds (shareholder advances, opening of a credit line, mortgage loan, equity loan, etc.);

the securities to be provided (security rights and personal guarantees);

the aid and subsidy programs, if appropriate

Over the life of a business, financing will remain a daily concern, whereas it is at the start-up stage, at the restructuring stage or at the time of a proposed acquisition or expansion. The same will be true when you will reach the stage of transferring your business to the next generation or to third parties. The intervention of our experts will allow you to negotiate these financial agreements.

Intergenerational Transfer

The farm business is usually the most important asset of a farmer’s estate and the income of several generations may depend directly on it. There often comes a time when the farm owner wishes to make family members or even some of his employees active partners of the business. This usually requires the transfer of part of the business while the business owner is still alive, hence the need to set up a new legal structure.


This new corporate structure will require you to review your financial and estate planning strategy. Our team of experts will review the terms of your will with you and help you plan your estate in such a way as to ensure the continuity of the business while maintaining a balance among the heirs.

Contact us today to work with a team of agricultural law experts supported by business law and estate planning experts.