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Commercial Lease

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Negotiating and drafting a commercial lease requires special attention and our team is best suited to support you in this process, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.


Because the majority of the protections provided to the tenant in residential matters do not apply in commercial matters, it is often the experience and the rigour of each party that determine the balance of power between the landlord and the tenant.


In addition to the rent, it is not uncommon for the tenant to assume all the charges related to the building, including municipal and school taxes. He may also be responsible for general maintenance, snow removal and even major repairs such as re-roofing or changing the air-conditioning system. The landlord can therefore impose several additional obligations to his tenant, including a security deposit, a guarantee or a movable hypothec on his property.


Our team of experts can assist you in the process of negotiating and drafting a commercial lease that will correspond to the wishes of the parties. We will also publish the lease with the registry office to ensure its enforceability to a future potential buyer.

For the negotiation and drafting of an impeccable commercial lease, contact us today.