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Starting a Business and Incorporation

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Are you about to start a new business and wish to fulfill the formalities necessary to be legally recognized? The choice of a legal form over another will have an impact on the legal and tax obligations you will have to fulfill. For this reason, before choosing a legal form for your business, consult our team of notaries specializing in business law to make sure that the chosen option is the one that best suits your business project.

Sole proprietorship (self-employed person)

General or limited partnership

Business corporation (Québec or Canada, Business Corporation Act)


Nonprofit organization

Legal person constituted under a law other than a law of Québec

Your notary will be able to draft the documents needed to constitute or modify the structure of your business, whether it is a partnership agreement, a shareholder agreement or any other document appropriate for your situation.


A corporation is a separate legal entity created by incorporation. As such, it has its own rights and obligations. Our team of notaries specializing in business law can inform you about the legal advantages and benefits in terms of wealth protection and distribution of profits of a corporation.

A corporation:

is a legal entity distinct from its shareholders;

owns property in its own name;

has rights, obligations and responsibilities.

If you want to create a business but do not know where to start, contact us today to obtain sound legal advice and kick-start your project with complete confidence.