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Maintaining Minute Books

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Although it requires rigour and care, the annual update of the minute book is a profitable operation in the long term. More than 1,500 companies of our region have chosen our business law team to update and maintain their minute book.


The law requires companies to keep a minute book containing the documents that must be made available to directors, shareholders and creditors, if applicable. The minute book namely contains:

articles of incorporation


minutes of the meetings of the board of directors and of the meetings of the shareholders

a list with the contact information of each director as well as the date of the beginning and end of his term of office

information on the shares, namely who holds them and how many shares were issued or transferred

Directors and officers will be subject to fines if they fail to keep adequate books and records or if they enter incomplete or erroneous information in such books and records. Poorly maintained books and records can compromise a transaction, cause significant updating costs or result in unfortunate administrative, financial or tax consequences.


Our dedicated business law team provides an annual updating service, which includes the verification of government registers, the preparation of annual meetings and the follow-up of corporate decisions such as dividend declarations, bonuses or loans contracted by your company.

For your peace of mind and to have your company’s minute book updated and maintained by our team of experts, contact us today.