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Mireille Alary

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Mireille Alary

Mireille Alary

Real Estate Law
Agricultural Law



Mtre Mireille Alary, notary, LL.L., D.D.N., earned a degree in notarial law with summa cum laude honours from the University of Ottawa in 1990. After starting her career with a regional study, she decided to team up with a colleague in February of 1993 and eventually took over the records of Mtre Louise Bélanger, then president of the Chambre des notaires du Québec. She joined Gagné, Isabelle, Patry, Laflamme & Associés in May 2001 as partner.


She completed her general practice of real estate law by developing a specialization in agricultural law. In recent years, she has shown interest in municipal law and in the conservation of our natural resources, through many mandates obtained from a conservation organization active in the region.


Since August 1997, she has been splitting her time between the Gatineau office (Hull sector) and the satellite office of Shawville in the Pontiac region, which addresses the legal needs of this rural region that is rich in leisure and agricultural properties. Since 2016, she has also been in charge of the satellite office of the Aylmer sector.


Mother of four, she is actively involved in her family’s activities, serves as chairman of the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce, as vice-president of the Association des professionnels, industriels et commerçants d’Aylmer (APICA) and is a member of several committees, including the agricultural law committee of the PME INTER Notaires network.


Member of La Chambre des notaires du Québec since 1990