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March 4 2020

Mtre Christian Crites, notary at PME INTER Notaires Gatineau, received the Mérite notarial from the Chambre des notaires du Québec for his contribution to the advancement of the profession.


He obtained his master’s degree in notarial law from the Université de Montréal in 2007 and was sworn in by the Chambre des notaires du Québec in 2008.


Mtre Crites works exclusively in the field of dispute prevention and resolution (DPR). His expertise allows him to assist his clients with negotiation, conciliation, mediation and arbitration mandates. He is also an expert in the conceptualization and implementation of conflict management systems that he adapts to the needs of different organizations and industries. Mtre Crites is also in the process of completing a master’s degree in Conflict Studies at Saint Paul University in Ottawa.


January 7 2020

Mtre Joëlle Mouaikel, sworn in 2016, reached an important career milestone this week: her 1000th minute! Our warmest congratulations to this notary working in real estate law, a valued colleague devoted to her clients.

November 23 2019

The 2019 Gala Excelor of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce took place on November 23. PME INTER Notaires Gatineau presented the award in the SME of the year category – 1 to 15 employees. Mtre Chloé Bérubé presented the award to Ms. Nancy Raymond, president of Steamatic.


Featured on the picture : Our young guns in action : Mathieu Turpin (business law), Vanessa Lafontaine (real estate law), Katherine Lauzon (real estate law), Chloé Bérubé (business law) and Joseph Gorman (real estate law).

November 21 2019

Notaries Mario Patry and Gilles Laflamme were awarded with the Plume d’or during a ceremony to mark the 40th anniversary of the Association des notaires de l’Outaouais. More than 125 notaries were gathered for the occasion, including the president of the Chambre des notaires du Québec, François Bibeau.


Featured on the picture: the 3 co-founding partners of Gagné Isabelle Patry Laflamme & Associés : Mario Patry, Paul D. Gagné (now retired) and Gilles Laflamme. Their bond is as strong as 40 years ago!

August 26 2019

This fall, PME INTER Notaires Gatineau is proud to welcome four new interns. Attracted by the various legal fields practised at the firm, these graduates of the master’s degree in notarial law also chose PME INTER Notaires Gatineau for its culture of excellence, mutual aid and conviviality. The team welcomes Léonie Riberdy, Lianne Boudreau, Noémie Rainville-Landry and Christine El-Nouni (on the picture).


Léonie Riberdy completed her law degree at the Université de Sherbrooke and her master’s degree in notarial law at the Université de Montréal. She also has an MBA from the Université de Sherbrooke.


Lianne Boudreau completed her law degree and her master’s degree in notarial law at the Université de Montréal.


Noémie Rainville-Landry completed her law degree and her master’s degree in notarial law at the Université de Sherbrooke.


Christine El-Nouni completed her civil law degree at the University of Ottawa and her master’s degree in notarial law at the Université de Montréal. She also has a bachelor’s degree in international development from the University of Ottawa.

May 23 2019

Mtre Michèle Lafontaine received the Claude Poirier Defoy prize, awarded every year to one or more volunteers that demonstrate an incredible engagement towards the Fondation Santé Gatineau. Congratulations to all recipients!

Featured on the picture : Mrs Louise Poirier, President of the Fondation Santé Gatineau, Mr Pierre Madone, Mr Claude Poirier Defoy, Mrs Sandra Pelletier, Mrs Michèle Lafontaine and Mrs Josée Filion, PDGA CISSS de l’Outaouais.

April 26 2019

It is with great pride that PME INTER Notaires Gatineau welcomes five new notaries: Audrey Guillemette, Charlotte Egesborg, Virginie Lamaute, Jade Berthel-Peddle and Caroline Renart. Doing an internship within our firm gives students a real opportunity to continue their practice with us afterwards.

We offer a positive and professional working atmosphere, we allow our students to evolve in a firm that offers diversified legal services, from traditional practice to more specialized areas. We encourage interns to develop communication, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We also offer them the opportunity to work in our firm during the summers preceding graduation so that they can gradually become familiar with the notarial practice as well as with the team of the largest firm of notaries in North America.

camille rousseau

April 8 2019

Our team of notaries is growing with the arrival of Mtre Camille Rousseau, who joins our firm in the real estate group. Welcome Mtre Rousseau!  Mtre Rousseau practices within the real estate team and will advise you adequately for the preparation of your will and protection mandate.


Additionally, Mtre Rousseau sits on the board of directors of Maison Alonzo Wright, a non-profit organization in the region that offers therapy services and aid relationship based on the financial capacity of individuals.

March 13 2019

Mtre Luc Lavallée, expert in real estate law, is celebrating an important career milestone: his 28,000th minute! Here with his valuable legal assistant : Marie-Hélène Marois. Congratulations!

January 10 2019

Two beautiful career milestones to celebrate for Mtre Jean-François Gagné: he celebrates his 20 years of notarial practice in 2019 and he passed the milestone of 17,000 minutes last December! Congratulations to this lawyer specializing in real estate law who also ensures the direction of the firm. Here with his faithful collaborator of many years: Aimée Desrochers.

December 3 2018

Mtre Christophe Larocque, expert in corporate law, is celebrating an important career milestone: his 1000th minute! Here with his valuable team members : Josianne Brousseau and Mélanie Chênevert.

November 29 2018

In addition to celebrating 41 years of notary practice last July, Mtre Mario Patry passed the milestone of 28,000 minute today.  He couldn’t have achieved this without the support of his collaborators.  On the picture with Mtre Patry : Mtre Mathieu Turpin, Kim Antila et Anne-Marie Séguin.

November 24 2018

On Novembre 24 was held the annuel gala of the the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce at the Hilton Lac Leamy.  Mtre Chloé Bérubé announced the winner inthe category SME of the year – 1 to 15 employees, presented by PME INTER Notaires Gatineau : Victor Victor.

On the picture: Sonia Provost and Isabelle Desloges-Young from Victor Victor and Mtre Chloé Bérubé from PME INTER Notaires Gatineau.

Cocktail CCG - Prix Excelor - 2018-10-09

October 9 2018

During the cocktail for the announcement of the finalists of the Prix Excelor of the Gatineau Chamber of Commerce held at the Maison de la Culture, Mtre Chloé Bérubé announced the nominees for the category SME of the year – 1 to 15 employees, presented by PME INTER Notaires Gatineau.


On the picture: Mtre Chloé Bérubé from PME INTER Notaires Gatineau, Sonia Provost and Isabelle Desloges-Young from Victor Victor, Nancy Savard and Louis-Claude Boulard from Via Capitale Outaouais, Vicki Lajeunesse and Mathieu Brunet from Brunet Dufour Lajeunesse Notaries.

August 2 2018

Are you ready to sign your mortgage?


You found the house of your dreams, the offer to purchase is accepted, the inspection is going well and you have a mortgage loan commitment letter from your financial institution! Great, you think you are ready for signing at the notary’s. Not quite.


The mortgage loan commitment letter is a letter from a financial institution that confirms your borrowing capacity for a given amount. This letter is required to meet the financing condition included in the offer to purchase.


However, in order to prepare your mortgage loan, the notary needs mortgage instructions. These instructions contain information such as the exact amount that will be transferred to the notary’s trust account. They also specify the duration of the loan agreement, depreciation, interest rate, loan rank and other important conditions.


Mortgage instructions are necessary in order for the notary to prepare the mortgage loan and finalize the transaction. To obtain the instructions, the financial institution must prepare the file and, in some cases, meet the clients. Once the file is complete, the financial advisor forwards the mortgage instructions to the notary. The notary can prepare the mortgage loan, order the funds (money) and schedule the appointment of the clients.


To ensure you are well organized and to understand the progress of the file, contact your notary!


Mtre Mireille Alary, notary

September 4 2018

Our team of notaries improves with the arrival of Mtre Véronique Laliberté, who joins our department specialized in estate law. All of her clients will now benefit from the vast notarial expertise of the firm. Welcome Mtre Laliberté!

August 2 2018

Mtre Jean-Philippe Lavallée joined the board of directors of the Gatineau Health Foundation last June. The goal of this foundation is the purchase of medical equipment, the financing of numerous prevention programs and the implementation of priority investment projects. Congratulations to Mtre Lavallée for his involvement in this prestigious institution of the Outaouais region.

Tina Lemieux

July 16 2018

A new recruit for our team: Tina Lemieux, CHRP, joins the firm as Human Resources Manager. With 15 years of experience in the field, Ms. Lemieux will be responsible for planning and implementing policies, programs and procedures to meet the organization’s human resources needs.

July 4 2018

On July 4th, we celebrated the 20 years of service of Johanne Gauthier, a real estate collaborator who now works with Mtre Anne Philippe to serve the Buckingham clientele. PME INTER Notaires Gatineau is proud to be able to count on this loyal, caring and dedicated collaborator. Our clients are served better thanks to her!

May 24 2018

On May 24th, we celebrated the 30 years of service of three exceptional collaborators who are part of the history of PME INTER Notaires Gatineau and who contribute every day to the success of the firm through their dedication, rigour and smiles.


Sylvie Boivin, Jacinthe Gauthier and Nathalie Mercier: three pearls we could not live without!

May 11 2018

Buying a property located in an agricultural zone : not as easy as you might think !


You have just retired and you want to build the house of your dreams in the country. Know that if you buy a property located in an agricultural zone, several verification will have to be made before you can put your plans into motion!


You go to the urbanism department of your municipality to obtain a building permit and you are told that the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec (CPTAQ) has to authorize your project before you can get your permit.


You are interested in buying a cottage by a lake. The cottage has been abandoned for several years, and you want to build a new one. You must make sure that the cottage was built before the Act respecting the preservation of agricultural land and agricultural activities came into force and that grandfather rights are attached to the property before the building permit is issued.


What a surprise when the CPTAQ refuses to recognize these rights! You will not be able to rebuild. Now you will have to submit an application to the CPTAQ and there is no guarantee that an authorization will be granted.


Our notaries specializing in agricultural law will be able to help you with the planning of your project. They will be able to identify the situations requiring the authorization of the CPTAQ and make all the necessary verification.


Mtre Mireille Alary, notary

April 2 2018

Mtre Joseph Gorman and Mtre Chloé Bérubé are appointed honorary co-presidents of the 2018 fundraising campaign of Centre CARMEN.


“We are deeply touched that Centre CARMEN has offered us to partner with such a great cause as honorary co-presidents for the fundraising activities of 2018. We are honoured to join our efforts with those of the team of Centre CARMEN, its directors and volunteers, who are dedicated people who work tirelessly to make a real difference in the lives of sick people.


The values of teamwork and respect are fundamental for PME INTER Notaires Gatineau and it is a privilege to be partners with organizations that share those values.


Looking forward to meeting you in support of the mission of Centre CARMEN!”

March 16 2018

To mark the notary international day, we present you 3 notaries who celebrated, this month, their 5th anniversary of notarial practice: Mtre Catherine Godbout, Mtre Vanessa Lafontaine and Mtre Marie-Pier Joncas-Tremblay. Congratulations to these emerging notaries, who dedicate their time and energy every day to provide their clients with unparalleled legal services.

March 2, 2018

Mtre Christian Crites was elected director of the board of directors of the Association professionnel des notaires du Québec. He was also appointed chairman of the Outaouais circle of the Institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec.

Mtre Crites is an expert in conflict resolution in our firm and celebrated 10 years of practice in January 2018.

November 4, 2017

Announcement the nominations for the Prix Excelor 2017 at Cinéma Aylmer. PME INTER Notaires Gatineau is nominated in the category Innovation award – Exceptional project for its project “40 ans, 40 organismes, 40 dons,” which marks its 40th anniversary.

Nouvelles - 21 septembre 2017

September 21, 2017

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Shawville office of PME INTER Notaires Gatineau. Mtre Mireille Alary and her team invited guests and influencers from the Pontiac region during happy hour under a radiant sun.

On the picture: Mtre Magalie Nicolau, Mtre John Lapierre, Mtre Stéphanie Mercier, Nathalie Gingras (collaborator), Mtre Mathieu Turpin, Mtre Mireille Alary, Luc Parent (director of human and financial resources), Mtre Anna Klimala, Mtre Vanessa Lafontaine et Mtre Patrick Botelho.

September 15, 2017

Mtre John Lapierre was elected chairman of PME INTER Notaires on September 15 at the annual convention of the provincial network.


Mtre Lapierre takes the reins of the network, which has 42 studies and more than 240 notaries throughout Québec. The duration of his term as chairman will be of three years. “I have been involved in the management of the PME INTER Notaires network for 6 years and it is a privilege to continue to collaborate with this extraordinary team as chairman,” (our translation) says John Lapierre.


The main challenges facing the network in the coming years will be significant:


1. Working with the Chambre des notaires du Québec as well as with institutional donors to adapt the notarial practice and the security of transactions with regards to the evolution of technology;
2. Providing value added elements to the clients’ transactions.
3. Ensuring the smooth transition of the clientele of experienced notaries who have reached the end of their career to competent professionals.

Nouvelles - 14 septembre 2017

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