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Settling an Estate

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The settlement of an estate is a delicate and complex process. The law provides for the transfer of the assets of a deceased person to his heirs and imposes specific rules to liquidate the estate. The intervention of our team of experts in estate law is needed to ensure compliance with the many mandatory procedures and to solve challenging legal issues.


The notary is the best advisor possible for the liquidator of the estate, who is required by law to settle the estate. The notary will guide the liquidator through all the steps.

For more information, consult Settling an Estate here, or contact us today.


The successful settlement of an estate requires that each step be carried out in accordance with the law, from the day of death to the time of the final delivery of the assets to the heirs. Do not hesitate to consult our experts who will accompany you throughout the process, which can last about a year.


These steps namely include:

funeral arrangements

obtaining the proof of death

will search

opening the safety deposit box and making its inventory

opening an account with a financial institution

verifying the will

analysis of testamentary dispositions

determining the heirs

designating the liquidator

preparing an inventory

claims for the benefits of life insurance, pensions and others

tax formalities

liquidating the family patrimony and matrimonial rights

rendering of accounts

publishing notices

right of option of the heirs

administration of the estate

payment of debts and specific bequests

transfer of assets

partition of the property of the estate

These steps are long and complex. The liquidator, in order to limit his liability, has every interest in surrounding himself with one of our estate experts to ensure that all the formalities are completed. Make sure you make the right decisions and avoid legal action by consulting our estate law team.