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Shareholder Agreement

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The shareholder agreement is a contract signed by the shareholders of a corporation to establish the functioning and structure of the corporation as well as the nature of the relationship between the shareholders and their commitment to the corporation. Our business law team has been drafting customized agreements to meet the needs of our clients since 1976.

The shareholder agreement is particularly useful to avoid conflicts between shareholders and to provide for actions to be taken in different situations. Our expertise allows us to plan for several cases. For example, it is possible to plan for the following situations:

a shareholder wishes to sell his shares;

a shareholder dies;

a shareholder becomes bankrupt;

a disagreement.

When drafting a shareholder agreement, several factors must be considered, including:

the age and general health of the shareholders

the financial capacity of the shareholders

the percentage of voting shares held

the fact that some shareholders may be employed by the company

the incorporating act of the corporation, etc.

It is strongly recommended to consider all possible situations from the start rather than having to settle conflicts in court later.

For a complete shareholder agreement that will save you a lot of trouble, contact us today.