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Business Services

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Starting a Company and Incorporation

The choice of a legal form for your company will affect the legal and tax obligations you will have to fulfill. Consult us before choosing the legal form of your company.

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Business Transfer

Because each company is unique, the transfer of a company requires a personalized analysis to protect the founder of the company and ensure business continuity for the future.

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Shareholder Agreement

The shareholder agreement mainly serves to avoid conflicts between shareholders and to plan the actions to be taken in various situations. Our expertise allows us to plan for several cases.

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Merger and Acquisition

Our experts are ideal partners for negotiation, due diligence as well as for implementing the financing and legal structure necessary to the success of your acquisition or merger of businesses.

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Business Financing

Your company needs sound financial footing to ensure its growth and development. No matter your industry, our business law team can help design realistic financing projects that are suitable for your business.

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Purchase and Sale of a Commercial Building

A commercial building is often the main asset of a business. Nonetheless, the acquisition of a building requires the fulfillment of certain formalities.

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Commercial Lease

Negotiating and drafting a commercial lease requires special attention and our team is best suited to support you in this process, whether you are a landlord or a tenant.

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The legal and tax characteristics of the trust make it an unparalleled property holding structure. It is namely used to defer income taxes following death, split income, multiply the use of the capital gains deduction and allocate income to an entity residing in a less taxed jurisdiction.

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Maintaining Minute Books

Although it requires rigour and care, the annual update of the minute book is a profitable operation in the long term. More than 1,500 regional companies have chosen our business law team to update and maintain their minute book.

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Tenue de livres de minutes

Agricultural Law

The purchase, financing and sale of agricultural property and farmland are the specialty of our Shawville office. Our specialized notaries will also be able to represent you before the Commission de protection du territoire agricole du Québec.

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Dispute Prevention and Resolution

Dispute/conflict among shareholders? Failure to execute a contractual obligation with a supplier? Dispute involving a franchisor and a franchisee? A trial is not necessarily the ideal solution. Another approach to conflict resolution, using negotiation and mediation techniques, could be more profitable.

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Négociation et médiation

Our specialized team in business law can guide you from the creation to the sale of your business and for everything in between!