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Business Transfer

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Because each company is unique, the transfer of a company (the sale of the company) requires a personalized analysis to protect the founder of the company and ensure the continuity of business in the future. Our specialized notaries will guide you to ensure a successful business transfer in six steps:

1. Plan for the long term
2. Define the objectives of the transfer
3. Identify the successor
4. Determine the value of the company in collaboration with an accountant and/or tax specialist
5. Establish a transfer plan
6. Plan financing

The notary accompanies the seller and buyer in their business transfer or business acquisition. He also acts as a conductor by coordinating the work of other professionals (accountant, tax specialist, evaluator, human resources specialist, etc.) involved in the transaction.


There are different types of transfers:

the transfer of a family business to a family member, or an intergenerational transfer (often through an estate freeze, a discretionary trust, a will or a unanimous shareholder agreement);

the transfer to a manager or an employee of the company or to the management team of the company;

the mixed transfer;

the sale to a third party.

Since a business transfer usually takes a few years, it is important to have a structured approach as well as clear and realistic timelines in order not to lose sight of the objectives. This also helps to avoid problems, especially in the event of death, such as:

a dispersion of shares among people;

a disagreement between heirs;

a significant decrease in the value of the business, or even its discount sale to a third party.

For a business transfer process (sale of company) to the satisfaction of all parties, contact us today.