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Are you considering establishing a trust to split income or protect your heirs after your death? Our team of experts will take time to identify all your needs in order to recommend the best possible legal structure to achieve your goals.


The legal and tax characteristics of the trust make it an unparalleled property holding structure. It is namely used to defer income taxes following death, split income, multiply the use of the capital gains deduction and allocate income to an entity residing in a less taxed jurisdiction. Our team has mastered the art of designing and implementing simple or complex structures, including trusts.


A trust is a separate legal entity that holds property on behalf of certain people called beneficiaries. The person who creates the trust is the settlor. By setting up a trust, the settlor transfers part of his assets to the beneficiaries. The third major participant in the trust is the trustee, who must manage and administer the assets of the trust as directed by the settlor.

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